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      Rosette & Plinth blocks add a distinctive look to any door or window in your home or business. The rosette is a decorative block in the upper corner of windows and doors. The plinth is the base block which is placed on both sides of the door resting on the floor. The moulding is affixed between the rosette and the plinth blocks.


     Normally these blocks are milled larger. The standard is 1/2" wider (1/4" per side) and 1/8" to 1/4" thicker than the moldings, baseboards included. This application produces a clean joint, eliminating the need for difficult 45 degree miter cuts. The square cut makes it easy for homeowners and carpenters alike to install.





     Here's an opportunity a homeowner or your company should not overlook. HARTTwood is ready to provide you with a QUALITY product you'll be proud to use in your home or sell in conjunction with your architectural moulding package.


     HARTTwood has sixty-six of the most popular patterns for you to choose from on a variety of wood species.  Our rosettes are manufactured from  kiln dried Northern White Pine,  Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, and Cherry (other species available upon request). 


     The following illustrations of our rosette and plinth blocks are the sixty-six patterns you may choose from.  These may be applied to any block size and species of wood that you desire.  Take notice that not all pattern diameters will fit on smaller sized blocks i.e. pattern #5  with a diameter of  3 1/4" won't fit on a block size of 2 3/4" square. The patterns applied on rosette corner blocks are centered on the blocks.   The patterns on the plinths are milled top center.




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